Prospective Gold Award (WTA)

June 24 2009 (From: France, Europe)

Well done Arvind!

Due to the high quality of your website "World Paper Currency Gallery", we are delighted to be able to award you our Gold Prospective Award (rated World's Top Award), which is very difficult to win!

Your score, according to our current criteria, is the following:
Interactivity (guest book, FAQ, polls, forum, online games...) or services (freebies, award program...): 1/1
Multimedia elements (MP3, MIDI, video, slide show...) or Flash® animation: 1/1
Safe-for-children rated: 1/1
Privacy policy or code of ethics: 1/1
Bilingual or multilingual site: 1/1
Readable by visually impaired persons: 1/1
W3C code validation: 0/1
Dynamic content (PHP, ASP, CGI, CFM, JSP...): 1/1
TOTAL: 7/8

Greetings from Marseilles, France.

Lionel A. Bouchon and Didier Grau,

Prospective Gold Award (WTA)
World's Top Award
Received on June 24 2009
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