Vie's Inn of Wonder Gold Award (WTA)

November 15 2008 (From: Belgium, Europe)


After thoroughly reviewing your site, we, the Staff of Vie's Inn of Wonders' Awards, have decided to grant you the Gold Award (rated WTA).
You achieved a score of:  91 /100
Currency is omnipresent in the world of today.  So much even that governments and Central Banks try their utmost best in making their currency a piece of art.  Your site not only showcases this immense vastness of currencies in the world, but at the same time teaches us something about this extra-ordinary concept we sometimes take so easily for granted.  And astounding accomplishment for sure!
Keep up the good work and enjoy your award!
Best regards,
The Staff.

Vie's Inn of Wonder Gold Award (WTA)
World's Top Award
Received on: November 15 2008
Maße: 140 x 150
Größe: 10.0 KB

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